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Quick Calculate helps to develop interest in solving mathematical equations
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Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in the school curriculum. Some children get scared of mathematics because they are not capable of solving simple mathematical equations. Quick Calculate is a wonderful free game which helps anyone to develop an interest in solving mathematical problems.

It has a very simple and interesting user interface. The game is restricted to ten levels, but it takes a very high speed as well as a good level of accuracy to complete those ten levels with a high score. You can enter your answer either by using the number keys from your keyboard or by clicking on the number buttons present on the screen. After entering your answer, if you feel that it is not right, you can clean the entered data by clicking on the clear button on the screen. You cannot move to the next level until your answer is correct. There is no particular time limit to solve any problem.

Actually, this game requires you to perform basic calculations to solve simple problems, and to do so you should know just the four basic arithmetic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Levels get difficult as game progresses - as the difficulty increases, you are required to keep a high level of concentration and speed to solve each problem correctly.

Anita Tembe
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  • Easy user interface
  • Very useful for solving difficult calculations
  • Helpful in increasing concentration level and interest in mathematics


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